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21) Andy Holt 
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Wednesday, 25 December 2013 09:09 Write a comment Permalink

Miss you loads Smiler. Wish you where here for Christmas. Always in our thoughts. Andy and Marie xxx
20) Carol Ann Holt 
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Wednesday, 25 December 2013 07:55 Write a comment Permalink

Going to miss you today the same as everyday will be strange withyou not here. love you loads merry christmas my wee cuteness xxxxxxxxxxx
19) Carol-Ann 
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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 19:12 Write a comment Permalink

missing you soo much little one, could really do with one of your hugs and a big smile to make me feel better love you sooo much and wish you were here not the same without you, sleep tight little one lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18) Andy Holt 
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Monday, 28 October 2013 01:22 Write a comment Permalink

A big well done to Colin and Leigh for taking part in the charity abseil from the Forth Rail Bridge for meningitis research in memory of Kayden.

17) terri (mummy) 
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Thursday, 17 October 2013 23:33 Write a comment Permalink

For my wee baby kayden miss u so much
u never said im leaving
u never said goodbye
u were gone before i knew it and only god knews why
a million times i needed u
a million times i cried
if love alone could have saved u
u never would have died
in life i loved u dearly in death i love u still in my heart i hold a place that only u can fill
it broke my heart to lose you but u didn't go alone
as part of me went with u the day god took u home
. i love u so much
. xxxxxxx
16) Andy Holt 
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Thursday, 17 October 2013 12:09 Write a comment Permalink

As you may or may not know, Colin and Leigh are taking part in an abseil from the forth rail bridge later this month for the Meningitis Research Foundation in memory of Kayden.

Each abseiler has to have at least 150 of sponsorship before they can take part. Any donations to the justgiving page will NOT count towards this sponsorship but will still be donated as usual.

You must sponsor Colin or Leigh for it to count towards the charity abseil. The amount raised from the abseil will then be counted as an offline donation on the justgiving page.

Hopefully this clarifies the situation for everyone however, if you have any question just reply to this post ot contact me via the contact form on Kaydens site at http://kmmh.co.uk/contact/index.php
15) Andy Holt 
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Thursday, 12 September 2013 21:31 Write a comment Permalink

Copy of email from Sick Kids Friends Foundation

Dear Andy

I was so sorry to hear of the passing of baby Kayden. I cannot imagine how difficult a time this must be for you, Colin, Terri, Taylor and all your family and our thoughts are with you all. It is so very kind of the Holt Family to think of fundraising on behalf of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. Thank you very much for setting up a special fundraising page in memory of Kayden. I see that there has been a number of donations made to date and I hope it will bring you all some small comfort to know that these funds will help to provide care and comforts for many young patients and their families during their time of need.

Please pass my condolences and gratitude onto Colin and Terri.

Kind wishes

Rachel McKenzie
Head of Community Fundraising
14) Andy Holt 
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Thursday, 12 September 2013 21:29 Write a comment Permalink

Copy of email sent from Meningitis Research


Dear Andy

Thank you for setting up a Justgiving page to support Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF), it is very much appreciated.

I was very sorry to hear about the sudden and tragic loss of your Grandson Kayden from meningitis and all donations received will be recorded in memory of him. If you would like to, we can also set up a remembrance page on our website, this would be a bespoke page tailored especially for you where you could upload your own tribute and people could leave donations. http://www.meningitis.org/remembrance-funds

Many people have also found it helpful to set up a book of experience. http://www.meningitis.org/book-of-experience. All information about ways we can help can be found in our ‘supporting you’ section of the website http://www.meningitis.org/helping-you and we are always available to give any support you and your family may need and the best person to get in touch with is Robbie Coleman, our Medical Information Officer, who is copied into this message. He is based in our Edinburgh Office and would be happy to visit you or have a chat on the phone about how we can help. There is also a Freefone helpline 080 8800 3344 or email helpline@meningitis.org.

You might also like to know that we are supported in our aims by over 16,000 individual members and supporters, almost all of whom have personal experience of these dreadful diseases and are determined to fight back, they are at the centre of our work helping us to achieve our mission of a world free from meningitis and septicaemia. It also helps you keep track of what advances are being made in tackling the disease and find out how you can help us further to raise awareness if you would like to. I hope you will consider joining us; membership is free and the form can be filled out online: http://www.meningitis.org/helping-you/membership otherwise I would be happy to send a hardcopy.

If I can help further or you would like any more information about any aspect of what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

With kind regards

Alison Baker
Scotland Fundraising Officer

13) Colin (dad) 
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Monday, 9 September 2013 14:18 Write a comment Permalink

Missing you so much kayden it doesn't feel right or the same with out you here hate not seeing that cheeky wee smile when scratching your wee bum. And the house is not the same with out you crawling about and stealing the food. Hate that your gone but loving the memory's that you gave me. In your short but happy life love you kayden R.I.P my wee angel. Love mum dad and big bro Taylor. Xxxxx night. Night. Xxxxx
12) great granny shirley & chubbs 
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 16:56 Write a comment Permalink

goodbye little man every one that knew you will always remember your smile til we meet again sleep tight xxxx
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